Thursday 25 June

Here in the fen land, the ground is enormously fertile. The garden is absolutely lovely, diligently tended all the time by both of my friends, and producing both beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables.

The rose here not only looks divine but also has a magnificent perfume.

Three huge echiums with a bit of a meadow garden in the foreground. For dinner we had some freshly dug new potatoes, and recently picked raspberries. (and BBQ’d burgers and salad!)

I went to a local garden centre this morning, still plants for sale, not stripped bare like in Coulsdon. Everyone seemed very relaxed, it was well organised with a one-way system but people were not over sensitive about social distancing and no-one had a mask. It was very hot again, 32C, and so I had a snooze in the garden this afternoon.

This evening I returned for another swim in the lake. Clear and shiny in the evening light. There is a family of swans there with 4 cygnets, so we have to be careful not to swim too near as papa is very vigilant and I do not wish to tangle with an angry swan.

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