Friday 26 June

Another totally scorching day despite storms being predicted. I helped to tackle a rambler rose which was getting out of hand. Ladders, long handled shears, secateurs. It looks very well behaved now. But it was hot and humid and it makes one feel very lethargic.

This afternoon I went to visit a former colleague from Edexcel days, who happens to live a neighbouring village. She always lends me a German book, and I have had one to return to her for ages. It was just lovely to see her and her husband and they have survived lockdown with very little trouble. I asked what they had missed most apart from the obvious haircut scenario, and she said, a face-to-face doctor’s appointment rather than photos and a telephone call, and he said, a visit to a bookshop and a country pub. So roll on 4 July!

This evening I swam again in the lake, this time without swans but lots of damsel flies. It seems that a storm is threatening and the sky was a spectacular silver grey and shocking pink. If you saw it in a painting, you would say it is unreal. The dawn chorus round here is a total cacophony, and starts about 4am, so with that thought, I will sign off.

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