Saturday 27 June

The weather seems to have broken and it was much cooler and windier this morning. I was given a large stash of rhubarb before I left, and there is plenty more to come.

It is a very agricultural area, with fields of potatoes, sugar beet, beans, cauliflowers. The ground is flat and fertile, though this garden is also well composted.

Potatoes, beetroot, sweet corn……………..the good life!

As I stopped to get some petrol on the way home, I noticed a large number of cars turning in, so I imagined the petrol must be particularly cheap there. But no. It was a McDonald’s and I think as so few places are open, people were piling in to give the kids a breakfast treat. It is years since I have been to a McDonald’s but I am sure it would not entirely qualify as healthy eating, but perhaps treats are in short supply in the current climate.

For the first time for ages we ate dinner indoors. It is definitely much cooler. Even the cat is reluctant to go out. Owing to lack of significant entertainment on the TV, I have started watching Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” on iplayer. I like his writing, he seems to have the knack of sending up cliches in a gently sardonic manner. I admire the actors: it is very intense to be the solo performer for 30 minutes. It seems to me that much of it is the art of the strategic pause. It is also an analysis of loneliness, I think, perhaps drawn from his own experience? Well worth watching.

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