Sunday 28 June

This morning we went to Majestic wine store in the hopes of replenishing supplies, but it seems they are only click and collect nowadays, and we had not ordered, so gave up and returned to Aldi. The queue was quite long but very congenial. Everyone has time for a chat now. Hardly any masks in evidence but social distancing observed. There is now a traffic light system so it is on red until someone leaves and then it turns to green. All very neat. No shortages, so with the queue to get in, the shopping and the queue for the till, the whole exercise took one hour and as I go about every 10 days, I think that is pretty good.

It was ferociously windy today and very much cooler so not too conducive for gardening. But brilliant for drying the washing. I have to say I spent quite a while reading, and having a small snooze, which feels terribly indolent but is one of the advantages of lockdown, you can always put off to tomorrow what you didn’t manage today. We had a family Zoom meeting tonight, lots of walking, cycling, gardening, cooking………many of us trying out new recipes. Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients recipes seem popular.

I think I have secured a hair appointment for 9 July so that is something to look forward to! Although I have got used to hair clips and my hair taking longer to dry. And so we approach the end of June. It will be interesting to see what changes July brings. Apart from some pubs reopening upon receipt of your name, address and telephone number. I think there may be a lot of Mickey Mouse, Florida dropping in.

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