Monday 29 June

I went down to Coulsdon first thing to buy a few odds and ends in the little Tesco. No queue, very quick. Then I went to the post office, but the queue there was very long so I gave up. I think I will continue to patronise the little places more. I am not so keen on the 2m rule and one in, one out which the big supermarkets operate. It is very laborious. Anyway I had to get back for my online Pilates. I like this more than I thought I would. It helps me with bending and stretching, and with balance. I practise “tree” while I am waiting for the kettle to boil, and balancing is more useful than you may imagine when it comes to clambering over stiles, rambling being one of my hobbies: there is no stile in my kitchen. I must be affected by the Alan Bennett type of non sequitur.

I have been picking raspberries: over 2lbs here.

I also picked some redcurrants, not as many, 10ozs. They are quite tart, and I usually mix them with raspberries. As I now have fruit in the freezer, and the fridge, I decided to make jam.

So I now have 6 jars of raspberry and redcurrant jam. I’ll have to make scones, or a Victoria sandwich, in order to use the jam………and so one gains Coronaspeck!!

I also dug a few potatoes to have for dinner, but they have not been so successful. Not too many and very small. But they tasted very delicious, and there is the satisfaction of having grown your own. More to come, perhaps I should leave them a bit longer.

Tonight I watched another two episodes of Talking Heads. Alan Bennett is a master story teller and has an acute sense of the ridiculous. The dialogue is something like, overheard on the Leeds omnibus. Inconsequential, illogical, sometimes funny, often tragic. Very clever to conjure up an entire character in 30 minutes.

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