Wednesday 1 July

Here we go, a new month, a new blog entry. One of my blog followers has said, how do I manage to write 3 paragraphs about nothing, but it is still relatively interesting. Hm, years of practice of talking about relatively nothing, the cynical might say? Anyway, today’s entry is somewhat early, in that at 8pm I am celebrating a friend’s birthday by doing an online wine tasting. We have 6 to sample, with matching edibles (blue cheese, black olives, dark chocolate etc) and we then discuss what is good, or not so good. I have done one of these tastings before, it is the inevitable Zoom call, but it is remarkably good fun.

I have been musing about what I was doing at this time last year, and as I keep a diary/journal, it is easy enough to look back and see. In fact my sister had come to stay, we had been to see the little grandson, and then she came back here, and one day we visited Chartwell and the next, Standen. Both National Trust places. And this is something I miss: a spontaneous decision to go to one of the local NT properties. Now you have to book your parking place in advance, and entry to the buildings is not permitted.

A friend of Rod’s came round this morning, and we sat in the garden discussing life in general, before the serious business of fly tying, and rod restoration. I asked him what he had missed the most: initially not being able to go fishing or play golf, but then the restrictions of any type of holiday, he and his wife are normally inveterate travellers. Also his daughter is supposed to be getting married in November and now a huge question mark hangs over that. It’s all very well saying, same place next year, but who knows? I read today that swine flu is rearing its ugly head again. So there you are, carpe diem, seize the moment.

I picked some salad leaves for lunch today. They grow in a waist high trough near the kitchen door. But truly, we must have the most athletic snails in the universe, as my hand closed around a nice crunchy shell. However we did also have some lovely snail free raspberries as well. Very satisfying to eat one’s own produce.

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