Friday 3 July

We visited a lovely country park near Slough today, being a convenient meeting point for us and the folks from Ealing. It is called Black Park, and is administered by Buckinghamshire County Council. Free to enter, just a parking charge. It has lots of woodland walks, play areas, cafes, and Go Ape, a sort of adventure experience for kids, opening soon after Covid. Pinewood Studios are also located there, and part was closed off for filming.

This is the lake: no swimming, no fishing, but nice ducks to look at. It was artificially created by a dam, and was originally part of a country estate. Many people there today, a favourite place for dog walkers, and children. We had both with us today:

The dog was indefatigable, and ran for the tennis ball without a break.

Grandson took a fancy to grandpa’s cap, so everyone happy. We had a picnic and enjoyed a rather breezy walk. I saw no-one wearing a mask; but it is a spacious place so scarcely necessary. Hand washing facilities freely available.

Slightly exhausted by the time we got home, but I managed to pick some raspberries and red currants. Zoom call and phone calls this evening which seems to be the pattern for Friday evenings. I have been asked when will the lockdownblog end. I’m not sure, in all honesty, as certain things are still not possible, for example, no swimming pools. So I will attempt to crack on for a bit longer, but when lockdown is no longer perceptible, or when I seriously cannot think of anything else to say, that will be it. Thank you so much for your continued interest, feedback always welcome.

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