Sunday 5 July

Well I guess a few people were nursing thick heads this morning after the pubs being open for the first time yesterday. Our neighbour told us that an ambulance came up the road about midnight to pick up someone who had keeled over in the street. We are not great pub visitors, but I will look forward to a half of beer at the end of a country walk. And will not keel over.

I thought perhaps I would beat the crowd by being at Aldi as it opened but many other people had the same idea. I have to say that a 2m distance queue for every shop I go in is beginning to be rather tiresome. In fact it is easier to go to the little paper shop for a few odds and ends. I loaded up with a huge amount at the supermarket and hopefully that will avoid shopping for a bit. This weekend has been heralded as the end of lockdown but I don’t feel it is anything like. No theatres till next year most likely, no concerts, no singing, no swimming pools…….not so much fun yet.

We have been on the hunt to buy yeast, and Emma found some today. “Corn in Egypt,” I thought! Another of my grandmother’s phrases. Biblical in origin but has gone into common parlance. I have been wondering if lockdown has made everyone think more about their origins, maybe a heightened awareness of past, present and future? I have certainly thought about my childhood, my grandparents and parents. Another funny thing came to mind: when I washed my hair at grandmother’s, she would give me a huckaback towel. I always felt it was like drying my hair with a tea towel, but I have just looked it up:

“According to Patricia Baines, an author of several publications on flax and linen, huckaback pattern produces a specific uneven surface which allows towels to absorb water better and dry off quicker. Many derivations of the huckaback weaving pattern have been found in folk weaving, especially in Germany and Scandinavia.

Huckaback towels have a good grip, are sturdy and extremely absorbent. Towels made of huckaback weave fabric dry the skin very effectively; towel-drying your skin with huckaback also stimulates the blood supply leaving you revitalised and fresh.”

So obviously grandma knew best when she gave me the huckaback for my hair.

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