Wednesday 8 July

A cool drizzly day, the one advantage being that I do not need to water the garden though the hanging basket and pots don’t get enough from the feeble rain. The fox has been shambling through the garden this evening, scouting for worms in the dampness no doubt. He is a rather mangy looking specimen, it has to be said. It is already quite dark: I thought this was supposed to be high summer?

I returned to my embroidery today, and had the satisfaction of actually finishing the sampler which I have been working on for some time. One of my many lockdown activities. So I took it to the framers this afternoon. He is a one man show in a tiny shop in South Croydon and I was afraid that lockdown might have done him in, as a small business. But in fact the opposite I think. He said that as the shop was closed, he could just crack on with framing and catch up on his backlog, and then when he did reopen, many people came in with pictures and samplers they had been hoarding throughout. His shop is so small that only one customer can fit in there anyway really, so social distancing is no problem. I was highly delighted to find him still going strong.

I then thought I might venture to the large Tesco in Purley, which I haven’t been to since the beginning of lockdown. It was really quiet. Everyone must be doing online shopping. No queue to get in, no queue for the tills. I was in and out with great rapidity. Very few people wearing masks. The obligation to wear them everywhere in Germany (Maskenpflicht) is beginning to get my German friends down. I think in general they adhere more readily to the rules: there was surprise when I said only half the bus and train travellers actually had masks on here, despite it being “mandatory.”

I dug up a few potatoes for tea but they were not very good. Well, tasted fine but the size of large marbles. I despair of ever having a large amount of produce. Perhaps we should just turn our garden into a large lake and let Rod have a fish farm. Or I could wild swim in it.

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