Thursday 9 July

I somehow managed to sleep till 8.15 today which is very unusual. It was darker and cooler, that is my only excuse. The cat appeared, having had her breakfast, and promptly settled down for a serious snooze as well. As she tends to prowl about and purr in my ear, that is an immediate prompt to get up.

I tried another new recipe this morning. A vegetarian one as I am visiting the veggie part of my family tomorrow and taking this with me. It is a cheesy beany crumble and looks and smells delicious. The only thing with vegetarian dishes is that there is a lot of peeling, slicing and dicing. It does however force you be more creative I think. It’s not just a matter of a piece of meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables. That makes me sound a totally uncreative cook, which I think is not the case, but I tend to think of recipes based around chicken or lamb for preference. I also started thinking about deserts, as yesterday I made a treacle tart with bits of leftover pastry. This is a pudding of my childhood, naughty but nice, usually served with proper custard. And then I started reminiscing about childhood puds. My mother was a full time housewife for many years, and made dinners for the whole family at midday. I never had a school dinner. My father would come home, and also my sister and I. We had a main course and pudding every day. I particularly liked crunchy pudding which was made with porridge oats and treacle and baked in a dish. Mum also made a very nice lemon pudding, but there was always something like a fruit crumble or tart. I cycled home every lunchtime, and if I had a lunchtime activity like recorder group, I would rush in, eat my dinner and cycle straight back. The advantages of living in a small town like Loughborough. Perhaps you also have a favourite childhood pudding? Emma’s was gypsy tart.

I needed a few odds and ends I had forgotten in this week’s supermarket sweep so decided to risk going to Waitrose. One thing I needed there which I cannot get everywhere, is organic whole milk in order to sustain my continuing culture of kefir. Walked straight in to Waitrose, about 6 people there, immediate service at the till. But it is funny once you go actually in to a shop rather than ordering online, how many things you suddenly see to tempt you. I would not normally buy Scottish smoked salmon soaked in gin and botanicals, but it was an absolute bargain so I succumbed. My trivial odds and ends somehow amounted to £19. I am following Rishi Sunak’s advice, spend, spend, spend.

My ambitions of walking 10,000 steps daily also seems to have evaporated. Today was about 2,000. But the best news today is that I had a hair cut! My hairdresser is a former neighbour who is now a peripatetic hairdresser and I think she quite liked my longer style as she has not cut it back too radically but I am vastly relieved that I don’t have to clip it away from my face. It just generally feels a whole lot neater and tidier. Plus of course it’s a chance to catch up on local gossip…….isn’t this what a visit to the hairdresser’s or barber’s is all about? And the next most exciting news is that open air swimming pools are allowed to open from Saturday although not all of them will be ready to do so at such short notice. But I live in the hopes…….

One thought on “Thursday 9 July

  1. Ah ha, this reminded me of my mother’s baked rice pudding. It was a regular Sunday lunch treat. Somehow she managed to convince us all the black skin that covered it when “over cooked “ not burnt you understand, was the best bit! You could often eat it with a knife and fork.


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