Friday 10 July

More ideas about puddings from our childhood. Baked rice pudding, which was so baked that it had a hard carbonised crust on the top which you could eat with a knife and fork. How about semolina with a dob of strawberry jam in the middle which you went round and round to save the sweetest bit till last? Or tapioca or sago milk pudding, aka as frog spawn? Horridly slimy.

Today I went over to Ealing to look after little grandson for a while. He really likes his little farm animals the best and places them on the table in a very systematic grouping, all the cows together, all the horses together etc. Later he did much the same with a set of bricks: rectangles together, then squares, then circles……seems to have a methodical mind. He is talking much more now which is a true delight.

I have been trying to avoid anything relating to Johnny Depp, but I do remember he was in The Pirates of the Caribbean, as the swashbuckling hero. And then I thought about the word “swashbuckling” which seems to relate to no other word. I seem to remember in the “Round the Horne” radio show, which made very suggestive jokes and got away with it, that a character was said to have “swashed his buckle” which was greeted with a sort of “oooooh duckie” comment from Kenneth Williams. And then I thought about comical pronunciation of unusual words: such as a German attempting the word “haphazard” and coming out with “haffazard”: well, why not?

I drove back over Kew Bridge and it was a glorious evening, glowing orange sun, and people looking over the bridge at the Thames, and other groups sitting on the grass, kids playing, even the pub was open with a few groups standing around outside. A lovely summer’s view. Even lockdown seemed to be fading.

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