Sunday 12 July

A warm and sunny day with less wind, so we went for a walk on Riddlesdown. The pale blue scabious were in profusion, so pretty. It is a place beloved of dog walkers, and there was a small group of I guess professional walkers, with 8 dogs. Seems slightly too many to me.

Came home and had a family Zoom call, and then lunch in the garden. Feeling very indolent, I lay on the grass with the newspaper to read but managed to doze off. Well isn’t that what Sunday afternoon is all about? I managed to bestir myself to pick the rest of the redcurrants, and also the last of the raspberries.

Wonderfully warm this evening so dinner in the garden. We eat most of our meals in the garden in the summer, unlike most of our neighbours who seem to rarely venture forth. If the weather remains like this till 15 July, St Swithun’s Day, according to tradition, we will be in for a prolonged sunny spell.

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