Wednesday 15 July

St Swithun’s Day! And I think we have had every permutation of weather today: cool and cloudy this morning, a little sun in the middle of the day, cloudy and cooler this evening. So all bases covered for the next 40 days.

But my day’s excitement was swimming in the lake of Beckenham Place park. This is a large park now administered by Lewisham Council, and they opened up the lake for swimming last year which proved to be massively popular. At last they decided to re-open this year so Barbara and I booked ourselves in for 11.00 today. It is not exactly wild swimming in that you pay £5.50, and there are lifeguards around, but it is open water with coots and ducks and waterweed. The temperature was 18C which is perfectly pleasant. The slightly hilarious aspect is having to have a buoy tagged to your middle, presumably so that they can see where you have sunk. But it was truly delightful, I so much enjoy swimming in the open air.

Ready to take the plunge….

Apparently they were allowed to admit 60 people but I would estimate about 30 were there. If the weather turns hot they will certainly attract more.

This afternoon nephew Tim arrived from Corsica, and we have been comparing notes on relative lockdowns. Corsica is under French regulations which at one point were very strict, but I think they have deregulated faster than us. The temperature there is now about 30C so Tim has had to pile on the jumpers and fleece to acclimatise to the English conditions. But he enjoyed having an English beer.

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