Thursday 16 July

Today is the grandson’s second birthday, but first of all Tim and I spent some time tackling the garden. I have been waiting for him to arrive to give me a hand. First of all he cut the grass, or what remains of the grass in the current drought. Then he started on the weeding while I cut back the raspberry canes. He is really enjoying the cool British climate after the increasing heat of Corsica.

This afternoon it was time to visit the birthday boy. We helped him unwrap his presents. The star turn was a bike, well a little pedal along bike, which he adores, so we had to go to the park to try it out. It wasn’t the wildest of successes as in trying to put his helmet on, mama managed to catch his chin in the clip so it was screaming time for a bit. However, come bed time, I was afraid the bike might have to go in the cot with him, but we managed to dissuade him.

I have recently been reading a book about London trees. It is absolutely fascinating and as I drive in London, I pay much closer attention to the huge variety of trees there are here. Going through Kingston, Roehampton, Kew, it is incredibly leafy and I am getting better at spotting the different varieties. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful avenues and parks, it truly is a green lung for the city.

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