Friday 17 July

It was a sort of house and garden day today. First of all I made 2 birthday cakes. A chocolate cake for Yannis, age 9, and a banana cake for Adam age 2. As Yannis is so football orientated I decided to make a football type of cake. First challenge was to draw a pentagon. I have no protractor or compasses. But as ever, the internet has the answer. Draw a circle (I traced round a glass) and then do a point at the top, and by eye I managed a pretty regular pentagon. And believe it or not, Tesco sells black fondant icing. Looks dreadful, but does the job. I have yet to decide whether to do black lines to join them up. Party is tomorrow so I have time.

The other cake is less dramatic, but has zoo animals marching round it, as Adam is very much an animal lover at present.

Tim has gallantly cracked on with weeding the vegetable patch and I have joined him intermittently. It is so much more fun when we work together and at the moment he is describing in detail his 3 months lockdown in Corsica which was an incredible experience. He is also rightly pleased to have improved his fluency in French, which of course is always music to my ears. He also enjoys writing and has been telling me of an idea for a short story. My father was an enthusiastic writer, and it seems to be a family trait.

I have been wondering how near to the end of lockdown we are. New regulations keep appearing but we are not entirely out of the woods yet. I was particularly disappointed to receive an email today about using the library. It is so complicated, with online reservation, sort of click and collect, no browsing: if anything is guaranteed to ensure the closure of the little branch in Coulsdon, this is it. I find it extremely sad: both my parents were librarians, which is how they met, behind a bookcase in Portsmouth Central Library I believe. We were brought up using and respecting libraries and nowadays they seem to be almost a thing of the past. So no, lockdown has not ended, until I can wander round the library, go to the theatre, the British Museum (still closed) and my aquafit class (reopening in September).

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