Saturday 18 July

Well that’s it, the party’s over! We spent the morning putting up balloons and banners in the garden, rearranging the furniture, making salads, carrying crockery, cutlery and glasses outside. The advance party arrived in time for the little one to have his nap before the festivities started, and gave us a chance for some adult conversation. Also exercised the dog, which liked our long garden for chasing the tennis ball. Needless to say the cat had legged it long since.

The weather was just wonderful, a perfect English summer’s day. Sunny, warm, no hint of rain or wind. As ever on these occasions, everyone brings quantities of food, so we were able to feast to our heart’s delight. When Adam woke up, we had the ceremonial cake cutting and present opening, for both him and Yannis, aged 2 and 9 respectively.

There was a time during lockdown when I never imagined that any kind of get together would be possible. We are indeed fortunate to have such a large garden, and that the weather has been so benign. Inevitably we talked about the recent pronouncements about using public transport, and to get back to the office. Most seem disinclined to do either. Although people are planning summer holidays. Two friends have just returned from a week in St Ives and I am agog to know what the experience was like. Staycations are definitely the thing, and really the UK has such beautiful places to visit, now’s the time to explore.

I see from my step measure that I have walked 1.5 miles today, which is up and down the garden and in and out of the house. Amazing. It is a warm light evening, we can still sit outside. That is something I missed in Kenya, where 12 hours day and 12 hours night is the norm.

One thought on “Saturday 18 July

  1. Fabulous photo. I work for a local charity whose goal is to read to children from birth until they enter school which is at 4 or 5 years of age. Our volunteers, mostly “grandmas”, model reading, doing finger plays, reciting nursery rhymes and singing songs for the babies’ caretakers (usually very young moms) so that they can carry on with their child between our semi-monthly meetings with them. We have been doing this for 5 years and are now seeing the fruits of our labors as our first clients have entered school and, we are told, are better prepared than many of their classmates. We live in a county where there is a lot of generational poverty and no tradition of reading to young children.


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