Sunday 19 July

“After ye feast, cometh ye reckoning.” My father would quote this when we had had a party at home, and all the clearing and tidying had to be done when the guests had left. In my case I have the advantage of a dishwasher, but all the glasses and dishes which only see the light of day when many people are around, have to be put back in the cupboards. In the case of the glasses, many of them in the china cabinet in the other room. So that was the first task this morning.

But it was a grey, cool and drizzly day so I caught up on the papers, wrote emails, and made phone calls. Not that there is anything of any great fascination in the newspapers. Much of it is enormously depressing and I am in the mood to be entertained rather than depressed. Very fortunate that we had our garden party yesterday, indoors would have been very challenging.

However the weather brightened in the afternoon and Tim and I returned to the weeding. The new struggle is against is fat hen, and milkweed, both very prolific and tenacious on the vegetable patch. That and snails. I fear I am just not persevering enough in the weed battle. I should be equally tenacious and fight on every day, but I get distracted. Tim is full of anecdotes about life in Corsica though, which makes it more interesting. He loved going walking and climbing there, but there was always the danger of les sangliers (wild boar) and having seen a YouTube video about them, I can see they are animals not to be tangled with.

Rod and I went for a walk towards Woodmansterne. Now where did the ambition of doing at least one hour’s walk per day evaporate to? We definitely achieved this at the beginning of lockdown. I suppose more “normal” activities now take up the time.

The grass is looking a bit yellow as we have had very little rain in the south east, but the scabious are a wonderful mauve/blue.

In the evening Tim connected my laptop to the TV and we started watching “Staged” which he had missed being in Corsica, and I wanted to see again. Which is why the blog writing got delayed. I think it is so funny. Tim said in future it will be part of the history curriculum: what life was like in lockdown.

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