Thursday 23 July

I remembered another of my grandmother’s phrases today, as I peeled a pear to go on my muesli. Like many pears bought in supermarkets, it is a ripen at home variety, which seem to remain like iron until the one day they ripen and then go mouldy. This one was rock hard: she would have said, “as hard as a beggar boy’s heart.” As a child I found this a hilarious phrase, I suppose today it would be very non pc.

Last night I watched again Julia Roberts in “Wild Swimming.” It is in reality a wonderful tribute to Roger Deakin who wrote “Waterlog” about wild swimming everywhere in the UK. Both the TV programme and the book are lovely and even if you are not personally drawn to wild swimming, the descriptions, and the photography are worth looking at.

Rod and I returned to Ashburnham Place this afternoon. The cafe now opens from Wednesday to Saturday and I had promised myself a cup of tea and a delicious cake. But sadly we got stuck in traffic and the cafe was closed. Oh the disappointment. I went and looked pathetic and they rustled me up a cup of tea which was kind. Then I watched the angling and did a tour of the Capability Brown grounds. The camp site is now open and there were in general many more visitors.

The church with beautiful hydrangeas in front.

Unfortunately the fishing was not so good today. There were 2 other anglers as well as Rod, and no-one was having stunning success. But never mind, an excuse to go back, and for me, to time it before the cafe closes.

As I walked around the grounds, I thought how normal everything felt. No-one in a mask, well there is plenty of open air and space there, everyone quite chatty, a lovely summer’s evening. I checked how many new cases of the virus there are in Croydon. Week 10-17 July, there were 6. The likelihood of being run over by an electric scooter is probably higher.

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