Saturday 25 July

Tim’s photo of my swim in the Beckenham Place park lake. The buoy which is attached to my waist is slightly hilarious as the lake is neither big nor deep and they even have lifeguards so it is not wild swimming by any stretch of the imagination. Rod says it is a buoy to mark a wreck. Good one eh?

Today was raining and dull so no gardening though I did go out to inspect the still smouldering bonfire. Indoor tasks instead. But I did go to collect the framed sampler. This is an achievement of lockdown: I finished the embroidery. I have now started on another for his little brother. It is impossible to buy pre-printed samplers now so I buy a simple picture and add things to it. It may not look as though it takes a long time to complete, but it does. Increasingly I find I need to work by daylight rather than artificial light.

We treated ourselves to an Indian takeaway tonight and were delighted to discover that the reduction on VAT has brought the price down. Reduced from 20% to 5% on hospitality food and drink. Useful information which had passed me by. I don’t even attempt to keep up with the regulations now. I do realise I need a mask in a shop but that’s about it.

I have been watching a very interesting video by Irving Finkel, someone I have met as he is an Assyriologist at the British Museum. But here he is talking about diaries, and why he is collecting them. It is an Arts Society link (for which I am now an accredited lecturer by the way!) but I think the link is accessible to all. It is of particular interest to me as I have kept a diary from the age of 15. Of interest to me but I am not sure who else would like to see them. Now I know. Irving Finkel.

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