Sunday 26 July

Another garden day, more hedge clipping and sweeping. I did do a short diversion to Aldi. Masks very much in evidence, no hassle. The biggest sales were for inflatable kayaks, wetsuits, paddling pools and kiddie trampolines. So guess what everyone is doing on their staycation?

We had a family dinner in the garden this evening, 5 of us, and it was lovely to sit outside, chat, eat, and open another bottle of wine. We were saying that the incentive to go to a pub or restaurant is diminishing rapidly. Serving staff behind masks who cannot chat to you, present your food on a tray which you serve to yourself. The landlord who says, order your beer on an app and I’ll bring it over in a while. I would seriously prefer to stay in my garden with my invited friends and family and pour my own drinks. No arguments then about who drives home. But I do feel desperately sorry for those who work in hospitality because it’s no fun for them either. And it is a treat to go out and let someone else cook!

But I refuse to write off the year 2020 as the year that time forgot. There will be many things to remember and not all bad. I try to cling to the positive: the reduction in pollution, the new walks I have discovered, the time in the garden. I continue with the so called lockdown blog because I do still feel locked down in some ways. Few lidos, no theatres or concerts, restricted travel……it’s not yet normal. And many people are suffering enormously from the effects of lockdown, financial hardship, redundancy, mental health problems. We are reaping a harsh harvest I fear.

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