Monday 27 July

Tim and I are on the move today, to tackle more gardening enterprises in Northborough, a village near Peterborough where I was earlier in lockdown. The drive was remarkably uneventful, although there is an increasing amount of traffic. A noticeable number of caravans and trailers on the move. I read that camping shops have almost sold out of tents and camping equipment. Well well, the new staycation.

I picked apples and blackberries, and all kinds of other produce is almost ready. It is very much the good life here. We went for a walk this evening, and saw the sun setting over the fenland. A field of barley almost ripe.

The wonderful thing in this area is the skies. They are so dramatic. There is steely grey, silvery pink, pale blue, turquoise. I can understand why Constable loved to study clouds, and to devote so much time to painting them.

This is the view over the Maxey Cut, a part of the drainage related to the River Welland.

The exploitation of this area due to drainage learned from the Dutch way back when, is very fascinating. It is very fertile land which accounts for the fields of potatoes, beans, cauliflowers and many other vegetables. It is views like this which make me feel reconciled to the fact that a holiday abroad is merely wishful thinking at present.

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