Friday 31 July

And what a scorcher. It was 34C here today. We worked in the garden in the early morning, but gradually we had to give up and move to the shade. After lunch we adopted Tim’s principle imported from Corsica of having a sieste. I lay on the bed reading but fell asleep for an hour. Has to be done.

We also had to make a pilgrimage to the supermarket for ice cream, along with many others, all making a similar raid. But before dinner we had a swim to cool down.

Two of the intrepid bathers. It looked bit stormy as we went to the lake but it never materialised and we were so glad to splash around. The water temperature was 21C. Just wonderful.

We sat outside to have dinner and were joined by a new neighbour who kept us entertained with hilarious anecdotes: he has lived in many countries around the world and his party trick is to know the most insulting phrases in many languages. Or so he says. It is almost full moon and this was an English summer evening at its best.

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