Saturday 1 August

I have been contemplating for some time as to whether I should wind up this so-called lockdown blog, as does lockdown still exist? But then today I was reminded that some people, including a friend of mine, have been shielding until today, from March they have not left their homes. And at the same time we are being told of Covid hotspots where lockdown is being re-imposed, let alone the idea that pubs should close in order to enable schools to open. Not sure of the logic of this. I have to admit that I am not able to keep pace with all the changes, but the short answer is that I can legitimately still call it a lockdown blog. Although I personally do not feel particularly locked down, though foreign holidays do not look like an option.

I returned to Coulsdon today and as I needed a few odds and ends I parked in Waitrose car park and went to various shops. As I returned to my car, a young man wound down his car window and said, “Is that your car, the red one?” Yes indeed. He recounted that a lady had let go of her full shopping trolley at the top of the car park which is sloping, the trolley slammed into the side of my car, whereupon she grabbed her shopping and drove off. Luckily he took her number plate and car model, and a Waitrose employee also saw what happened. I can’t believe how people can behave in such a shocking way. I went into Waitrose to talk to them and they were very nice, and said it would be on their CCTV, and he had taken a photo of my number plate and the escapee’s number plate, and offered every kind of assistance. I was clearly upset and so Megan gave me a large bunch of sunflowers, on the house. Guarantees that I will return to Waitrose I suppose, if I am utterly cynical, which today’s event rather inclines me to be. I have made a report to the Met Police, the usual online rigmarole, but I doubt that anything will come of it.

So not exactly a stunning start to the month of August. The garden is desperately dry and it was warmer today than predicted. When I drove back today, I saw many camper vans, camping trailers and families full of kids. Yesterday I saw a whole crowd of youngsters jumping into the River Welland: simple pleasures. It’s been a long time with no school. In reality, many children have had a 6 month holiday and the delights are beginning to pall I suspect.

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