Sunday 2 August

I have calmed down a bit after yesterday’s car contretemps, and reminded myself that a car is just a heap of tin and not worth getting aggravated about. I drove over to Charlton this morning to see my friend who has been shielding for a long time. She has come through lockdown very well, and the previous day had paid her first visit to a supermarket since March. Because I have been out and about a lot really, it is easy to forget that many people have been incarcerated for a long time. Well that’s how it must feel. We sat in the garden and chatted, it was good to catch up.

This afternoon Rod and I went for a walk on the Farthing Downs. It is incredibly dry and looks very scorched. There are still some pretty flowers, scabious, ragged robin, daisies, it is hard to see how they have enough water to survive. I am back on watering patrol at home in our garden.

I phoned various friends this evening, everyone is on the move, to make the most of the summer before another possible lockdown. I have to say I find it hard to believe that everyone would accept it like they did in March. I think the frustrations might be too great.

I have been investigating the restaurants which are taking part in the government’s 50% reduction on food bills. Wetherspoons, KFC, McDonald’s….Wagamama is about the only one which would appeal to me. Only available Monday – Wednesday and a maximum of £10 sub per person. But I’ll have to try it. Little Rishi is trying his best, Rod says.

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