Monday 3 August

I was up very early today, walking round the garden at 6.30 enjoying the morning light. It was sunny but still quite fresh. I did a bit of desultory dead heading, but mainly drank tea. I returned to my online Pilates class at 10.00. I have missed a few recently. The entire enthusiasm for Zoom seems to have evaporated, as people do in fact return to a more “normal” way of life.

I took my car into Coulsdon to get an an assessment of the damage caused by the shopping trolley. I have now discovered the form (V888 for future reference) from the DVLA to request the details of the owner of the car whose trolley careered into the side of mine. So we’ll see what happens next.

This afternoon I went to Purley, mainly to go to the Laura Ashley shop which is closing down. There was very little there, it has been totally stripped. They are even selling all the fixtures and fittings. I felt quite sad at the end of an era. I have bought curtain material, wallpaper, bed linen, all kinds of lovely things: all very good quality and in use at this moment. Earlier I had Laura Ashley clothes and bought dress material to make dresses and skirts for myself and Emma. I fear that this will be the fate of many high street stores, as everyone turns to online shopping.

I also ventured into the large Tesco. It was extremely quiet and I managed to commit some social solecism by going in the exit door. I didn’t know about the one way system, and a lady tutted at me as I wandered in. This is going to be annoying, if everyone takes on the role of a vigilante, and tuts at every minor infringement. It frightens me really, as this is how the Stasi started: by getting neighbours to rat on each other.

As I drove home, two teenage girls crossed the road in front of me. One was a generously endowed 38GG I would say at a rough estimate. She wore a skin tight white T shirt, which fitted where it touched as my mother would have said, and left nothing to the imagination. It was a totally eye-popping sight. And yet I suppose if she attracted wolf whistles or saucy comments, she would be the first to yell sexist. Well the vision certainly made an impression on me, enough for me to record it in my blog.

The other sight worth recording is the inability to distinguish between metre and meter on all the little notices popping up everywhere. It irritates me enormously. I also saw, “only 2 people allowerd.” But perhaps for many people English is not their first language. They clearly didn’t benefit from my tuition at Coulsdon College, back in the days.

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