Friday 7 August

The hottest day of the year. There is a breathless hush now at 9.15pm. I have been out watering the garden and it is like walking around in a sauna. Very humid and sultry. After weeks of lockdown I can see why people are rushing to the coast and beauty spots.

I had my hair cut today and insisted on the summer version, pretty short. I feel quite light headed now. My hairdresser comes to the house, and afterwards we have a coffee and a natter. It is interesting to hear how everyone has a different take on lockdown. Very often it is the youngsters who are panicking over what their parents should be doing, and if you are over 70, well incarceration is too good for you. We did both agree that there are elements in our lives which are still locked down: indoor swimming pools are very restricted, gyms, no theatres, limited library access, many people still reluctant to go to a pub or restaurant. I personally spend a huge amount of time in the open air and I feel very safe. I am still unsure about going on a plane, all that recycled air, but I am confident about using a bus or train.

I was thinking today about lockdown resolutions, and how many have not been kept. We had all the time in the world but……..I did not do a daily one hour’s piano practice, I have not finished reading La Peste, in fact I have 2 books in English which I have not yet finished reading. I do not do a daily walk of at least one hour. My walking is erratic, as ever, so 9.5 miles one day, 4 miles yesterday and less than a mile today. I can blame that on the heat, because I had to have a lie down in the cool this afternoon, and dropped off, it has to be said. It is like making New Year resolutions, which have all evaporated by the end of January.

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