Saturday 8 August

First of all, let me apologise for my “Funkstille”, a somewhat antiquated German term I think for radio silence. My laptop was playing up again and was totally dead for the whole of yesterday. Technology and I do not ever seem to be best friends. However I tried the time-honoured tactic of leaving it for a while in a cloud of fury, and then switching it on 24 hours later. And hey presto, here I am.

It was a fun day looking after grandson Adam. I gave him a very belated birthday present, which was a wooden farmyard, and he got out assorted animals, including lions and tigers, and tried to accommodate them all in a little house. As he posted more and more of them into it, I said hooray: this then became the word of the moment, and everything was “hooray”.

He was also very taken with my sun hat, much battered after seasons in Kenya, but great because of the large brim. We had endless games of peek-a-boo.

It was extremely hot, and we both had an afternoon nap. Then we ventured out to the park, to the playground, but as he touched the slide, he shouted, “hot!” and of course it was. Luckily there was a little girl about his size, Veronika, a Polish speaker, and they played ball endlessly, while Veronika’s mum and I had a chat. They had a large foam football, a couple of tennis balls, and Adam has a ball which jingles as it moves. The simplest of toys, but hours of fun. I think of the Kenyan kids, beating an ancient bicycle tyre with a stick to make it roll along like a hoop. Just as entertaining as the most expensive gizmos, in my opinion. As Veronika said, “bravo!”

And finally……………..a joke I read today: What is the difference between Covid 19 and “Romeo and Juliet”? One is a corona virus and the other a Verona crisis. Boom boom!

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