Sunday 9 August

Another hot one. And I have to say I have not achieved a great deal. I had a wonderful Facetime conversation with my penfriend in Germany, who we were visiting this time last year. This now seems a long time ago, with everything with has happened in the meantime. But it was great to chat, and she told me about seeing an Eisvogel, which is literally an ice bird, but in English, a kingfisher, and I began to wonder why it had such a different name in German. I can’t believe that it is particularly fond of ice, otherwise it would not be able to catch the fish.

She told me that In Germany the rules for wearing masks are much the same as here, with 80% of the population adhering to the rules. Of the remaining 20%, some would like it to be stricter, and some slacker. It seems that as the schools go back, secondary pupils are required to wear masks, all the time in lessons, and although that may be a mildly effective gag on whispering, I cannot see it being very effective in language lessons.

In general we have been chilling out in the garden, though chilling is not the operative word. In fact it was cooler indoors. No one hour walk today, I have to admit. There is a slight breeze now but it is still very sultry. I see that Boris is off to Scotland for his staycation. Maybe he will have to quarantine on his return to Downing Street.

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