Monday 10 August

So very hot and humid, but I managed to do my online Pilates class. All done by 11.15. Because I knew today was going to be a scorcher, I went out in the garden at 7.30 and did a few minor jobs. Later it was too hot even to push a broom around.

Rod, brave soul, took himself off on a train trip to Horsham, in order to visit a tackle shop. Horsham is a small very traditional market town, and apparently the tackle shop is entirely in this mode. Still open, still doing business. But sadly many other small businesses have gone to the wall. I read today that we are heading for a major recession, and the signs are certainly there.

But we did our bit to revive the economy this evening. We went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant in Coulsdon which is participating in what Rod terms Uncle Rishi’s handout. The government subsidy is up to £10 per person, but as we didn’t spend £20 each, our bill of £31 was simply halved. Excellent value, and it was a real novelty to go out. It was also BYO booze, so we took in a couple of cool beers. The restaurant was doing pretty steady business for a Monday night so the stimulus does seem to work. You can find out which restaurants are participating in your area by clicking on this link and typing in your postcode:

Guten Appetit!!

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