Tuesday 11 August

Another very draining super hot day. We had breakfast in the garden and the cat was already seeking the shade under the hedge. The promised thunderstorms have not yet appeared, and the air is heavy and humid.

As I was walking along the road, I overheard a child saying a rhyme which I remember from my childhood. “Ibble obble black bobble, ibble obble out!” This was said when a group of children got together to play “it”, and you had to decide who was going to be the one chasing the others. Then I tried to remember the other rhymes we had for the same purpose. A now totally unacceptable one was “Eeny meeny miney moe, catch a…………….” If you are too young ever to have heard this one, you will find it on the internet somewhere. Then there was “one potato, two potato, three potato four, five potato, six potato, seven potato more!” You had to stand with your fists out as they were tapped to this rhyme, till everyone bar one was eliminated. What about “ip dip dip, my blue ship, sailing on the water, like a cup and saucer, one two three you’re out.” Do let me know if you know any more. I have a feeling that like skipping rhymes, they might be very regional. Age 4-11 I lived in Sheffield and I think some may come from that area.

As the temperature soared yet again to 32C, I managed to go for a wild swim, which was very refreshing. It is currently hotter than most of my days in Kenya, but then I lived at high altitude in the Rift Valley and the temperature was very pleasant.

One thought on “Tuesday 11 August

  1. A comment on the pervasiveness of children’s chants: as a child, we said both the eeney, meany, miny, mo” and the “one potato, two potato” rhymes. The others are new to me.


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