Wednesday 12 August

I have absconded to Peterborough for more wild swimming. We had vague plans of camping in Cornwall, but the weather there is dire and the beaches crowded so an ambient temperature here of 32C and lake water of 23C is more attractive.

The River Nene was another option but it is not as clear as the lake and Wadenhoe where we were before has become enormously popular so the lake to ourselves is preferable. But we visited the village of Ashton, conker championship centre, a really lovely village with buildings of golden stone, very like the Cotswolds but this is Northamptonshire. A delightful pub, the Chequered Skipper, created the opportunity for a lunch pause; the peacock thought so too.

Afterwards it was so hot that one could only lie on the village green in the shade of a pear tree and snooze.

A swim in the lake and then another opportunity to take advantage of Uncle Rishi’s generous offer, this time at The Ruddy Duck, Peakirk. Great fish and chips guys, here’s to eating out to help out.

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