Monday 17 August

Not such a summery day, so an hour’s Pilates did not mean that I was missing too much sunshine. Friends came to lunch, and it was so nice to catch up. We have had Zoom calls and emails, and phone calls, but actual face to face communication is the only way forward. We were indoors at first but managed our strawberries in the garden.

Today my quasi grandson Ryan was 17. So hard to believe. He wants to learn to drive of course, it’s a landmark age. I am just mightily relieved that he did GCSE’s last year, in view of the chaos surrounding exam results. This evening 8 of us went out for dinner, courtesy of Dishy Rishi’s Eat Out to Help Out. Which we did only too willingly. It was also bring your own booze, so the adults were blissfully happy at the reduced bill and their own wine.

The recent changes in rules and regulations are difficult to keep pace with. VAT down to 5% (on everything?), no stamp duty on house buying, and more worrying for us personally, a change in planning law, which may mean that the bottom of our garden could be compulsorily purchased, I am told. I need to look into this but it is extremely disquieting. We like our garden.

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