Tuesday 18 August

All aboard for the staycation! We have headed to a village near Hereford, to an Airbnb we have visited before. It is a converted stable, very small and neat, but perfect for chilling out in the beautiful countryside. The first thing we did when we arrived was to go for a walk by the R Lugg. Rod first fished this river in the 1970’s and has very affectionate memories of it. We saw very few people, a couple of families. a jogger and some dog walkers. There is a slight conflict of interest here I have to admit. I want to swim, I have swum here before, and Rod is keen on the angling. However, I think he will fish on the R Wye and I will swim here if the weather holds. It is forecast to rain heavily from now on. We’ll see.

R Lugg with a tempting looking beach.

The lady of the house is an enthusiastic gardener and pressed upon us the fruits of her labours. She gave us a tour of the vegetable garden and it is stunning. She said she now has to have a rabbit-proof fence around the vegetables, as the visiting bunnies are such a nuisance. She has a cat called Kirsty, who is such a wuss, she is frightened of mice and rabbits.

I made a wonderful salad with freshly picked tomatoes and basil. Just outside our house is this amazing twisted tree. I went for a walk down the lane after dinner, and saw the horses, sheep and bunnies. Also this:

which kind of made me jump. The long shadows are fascinating. My European friends in Kenya used to like to return to Europe in the summer for the long light evenings. They can be magnificent.

The sunset was beautiful too.

And so to bed.

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