Saturday 22 August

We said goodbye to our Airbnb in Lugwardine and headed off towards the Cotswolds.  There was surprisingly little traffic, seeing that it is a Saturday in August.  However perhaps the high wind put off some of the potential happy campers.

We are staying with friends in Horsley, a small village near Nailsworth.  After lunch we went for a walk and saw the local football team out is style. 

It seemed a quintessential English village scene.  Except perhaps it should have been cricket.  We walked along the small stream, to the Ruskin Mill Trust, a very interesting establishment, which operates according to the educational philosophy of Steiner to a great extent, and lays great emphasis on caring for the environment, working in the open air, and promoting the arts.  This trust specialises in working with students with complex needs including those on the autistic spectrum. At one point I was about to work in a Steiner school in Germany, it appealed to me enormously and still does.

I rather liked these hen houses.

Our friends lived in Japan at one point.  In fact I visited them there and had an amazing time, such a fascinating country.  The house is full of Japanese souvenirs, among them these small wooden plaques known as emmas.  No prizes for guessing how I remember what they are called. 

We reminisced about holidays we have spent together: one of the biggest effects of the pandemic is the lack of foreign travel.  All current plans have been cancelled.  But on the positive side, this is the opportunity to explore all the places in the UK which we have not yet visited, and there remain many.

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