Monday 24 August

A much more mundane day by contrast to our little holiday. After ye feast cometh ye reckoning, as my father would have said. So lots of washing and supermarket shopping. I also did my Pilates class. And I heard today that my aquafit class will restart on 7 September so I am highly delighted.

I finally got around to ringing the dentist today. I explained that I have lost a filling and the edge of the tooth is rough. No, they are not seeing anyone except emergencies who are in pain. So I explained it was not exactly painful but annoying. I was told to buy a DIY repair kit from the pharmacy and stick the glue stuff in the hole. I don’t fancy this I have to say. Then I asked if I could join a waiting list. No. “We are only able to see 4 patients per day as opposed to the usual 20. Please call back in 2 weeks time.” 4 PER DAY?????? Is this because the entire place has to be hosed down after each visit? This is an NHS dentist: do I assume the dentist still gets paid £50K or whatever, regardless of how many patients they see? Something seems not quite right here. I am spitting tacks, or maybe bits of filling, and am now totally convinced that lockdown has not ended.

The deer have been back in the garden munching away. The neighbours were brilliant at cat feeding and excellent at deer spotting though they could not drive them away very quickly. Not that there is a lot left to eat in all honesty.

Thank you very much to the blog readers who have contacted me or left comments on the site. Always great to hear. The comments are accessible to all, and are very interesting. My greatest fan in the USA is passionate about wild swimming: fascinating reading.

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