Wednesday 26 August

Like many other people I have been thinking about the return to school for many pupils and teachers next week. I think it is going to be a tremendous shock in many ways. I noticed recently when I was in the supermarket the way in which 2 girls appeared to have regressed. One was about 7, and was sitting on her mum’s lap with a dummy in her mouth. Another girl of about 12 was walking round with a baby doll under her arm. Neither child appeared to be special needs in any way, but I see that the newspaper articles have warned parents to expect all types of regressive behaviour: bedwetting, temper tantrums, school refusal. Experiments have also been done to show how children struggle to react to people wearing masks as they cannot read the facial expressions. I am beginning to feel a bit desperate about our children’s future. No, lockdown has not finished however adventurous I personally may appear to be.

But I had a lovely day in Haslemere with my goddaughter and her 2 little girls. We had a nice lunch courtesy of Dishy Rishi, and then went to feed the ducks. A very English pastime.

Tonight I watched Michael Portillo on a railway journey around Sicily. I enjoy his programmes very much but now I wonder if any more will be made: travelling with a mask on? Unable to embrace the exuberant Italians? I realise I sound very gloomy tonight which I am sorry about: I am in essence a much more upbeat person but I have occasional dips. Something to look forward to are my aquafit class and a real, not online Pilates class from 7 September. Now all I need is a real live music concert: maybe the Last Night of the Proms with all the words??!!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 26 August

  1. We are all looking for some respite from the gloom, so unlike you, Jenny, to be down. Michael Portillo in Scilly last night was brilliant, we have so enjoyed this latest series. Thank you for all the time and hard work on your blog, always good to read. Jill x


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