30 August 2020

We started the day in a truly epic manner: an early trip to the tip, or household reuse and recycling centre, as it is now called. I hadn’t been there since before lockdown and did not know what to expect. I thought it might be one in, one out, but it was everyone advance at 8am. We were 6th in line. Not bad for Bank Holiday Sunday. There are notices everywhere about distancing, but what surprised me was that the staff are not allowed to help you with anything. It seemed to be fully staffed: so what were they doing? Telling us that the printer went to Bay 1, otherwise sweeping a few desultory leaves. Seemed a bit bizarre, like so many things in lockdown times.

We have been given quite a few cooking apples so I decided to make apple meringue, food for free, and egg whites left over from making lemon ice cream. Lots of peeling and slicing and boiling, but boy, was it delicious. I also bottled my recently made limoncello, hence the lemon ice cream made with the juice because limoncello only uses the zest. It’s all knock-on production round here.

As it was fractionally warmer, I spent some time in the garden, planting out some autumn cyclamen. They are so colourful, a real delight. The lime trees in the road are cascading bits, so we also did a lot of sweeping. Bank Holiday round here seems pretty quiet, perhaps everyone has gone to the coast.

We watched Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer in Gone Fishing. or rather I did, as some of our number were fast asleep. I enjoy the chit chat, and tonight they were talking about the sandwiches they made as kids and Paul mentioned sandwich spread. I remember that: it was sort of salad cream with bits in, and I didn’t really like it. Bob produced jam sandwiches and banana sandwiches, and I remember too that I never liked sandwiches with sweet stuff in them. You’d never think of it now I guess. He also made corned beef and potato pie for their dinner on the houseboat, and I certainly remember corned beef hash. Hey ho, food reminiscences.

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