Monday 31 August

The last Bank Holiday till Christmas! What a thought. The weather was even halfway decent. I did my online Pilates, for the last time, as next week it resumes in the church hall, at a social distance and on our own mats of course. But it will be nice to be with other people in the class, and have a natter. Me and the cat on the living room floor palls after a while.

This afternoon I went for a walk with my 9 year old friend Yannis and his mum, and talked about the return to school this week. He is kind of excited but also a bit apprehensive because he knows it will be different. He is so looking forward to seeing his friends and having a more normal routine. The first challenge is going to be to get him to go to bed at a sensible time, ready to get up at 7.00. He has been playing computer games with friends to some unspeakable hour and then sleeping late in the morning. Yay, happy days. Lots of people in the park, playing games, chatting: we had a cup of tea at the cafe, they were doing good business which is pleasing for them after being closed for so long.

This evening Rod and I took advantage of the final Dishy Rishi eat out to help out offer:

Yes, we’ll drink to that, it’s been great fun.

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