Friday 4 September

I am back on my jinxing transport again. I have come back to Peterborough for a final wild swim, and had the misfortune to be stuck for an hour at the Dartford crossing as one of the tunnels was closed. And the volume of traffic, including caravans and camping trailers, seems to indicate that things are back to normal. In fact perhaps more travellers are in cars rather than public transport, as it is self contained and you don’t need to wear a mask.

Well I got my wish to swim in the lake. The water is now 18C which is a little chilly over the shoulders but it is still great fun and you feel a virtuous glow when you get out and dry off. A good way to work up an appetite too. In the church yard of Etton we saw a crab apple tree, laden with fruit.

In the past Maeve has made crab apple jelly so we might be on a picking expedition tomorrow. With permission of course.

Only 4 September and the wood burner has been lit. Although warmer weather is promised next week: here’s hoping.

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