Saturday 5 September

This morning I picked blackberries and some apples, which turned into tonight’s crumble. The garden here is still very productive: sweetcorn, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, marrows. Butternut squash are flagging a bit, Brussel sprouts later. Two pear trees are laden but apparently they will not be ripe for a few weeks yet.

Very unusually for this pandemic time, I went to a wedding reception this afternoon. An old friend of ours got married for the second time, and they held a small street party in the little close where they live in Lincoln. It was a lovely afternoon, the weather was kind, and it was delightful to see the group of neighbours and friends enjoying themselves. Little mention of the pandemic, and the prosecco flowed freely. Here’s to Keith and Pauline!

It was a wonderful sunny evening, so chance for a final visit to the lake.

The water was 19C as there had been some sun today, but this may be the final wild swim without a wetsuit. No one there, not even the swan.

You must admit it looks tempting for a dip. No chlorine, no one way system, no lanes, freedom!

The haws in the hedgerows are a spectacular sight this year. And we stopped by the crab apple tree and picked 10lbs of crab apples, which I am told will reduce to a fairly small amount of jelly. But food for free is always a great temptation and I have to admit, it’s not me making the jelly.

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