Sunday 6 September

I helped Maeve with garden tidying. We took down the sweet peas, and the runner beans, and attacked the straggly bits of the rosa banksia. There is always something to be done, and as autumn approaches, cutting back looms large.

I left after lunch to travel back home by train. The trains from Peterborough were only one per hour, the slow train, and terminating at Finsbury Park. Kings Cross was totally closed. So fine, take the Victoria line 2 stops to St Pancras. But hey, at Finsbury Park, instead of going down a flight of steps to the underground from National Rail, we found the metal gates across the access, and no immediate explanation of what to do next. Then a girl said, I think you have to exit and go in at another entrance, there is a one way system.

Classic: turn right 3 times!!!! With luggage, and/or buggy and/or grandma with walking stick………..and when I finally got to the entrance, I was a few metres from where I started!! At St Pancras there was also a one way system which meant a long walk. By the time I reached my train, I had walked 1.3 miles. I had to wear my mask for two and a half hours, which was rather hot, but I think you need to have a very absorbing activity to distract you from feeling claustrophobic. A cliffhanger book or some such. Not everyone was wearing a mask though the vast majority were. Pretty busy too so perhaps people are returning to public transport.

Daughter and partner are off to Lanzarote tomorrow: one week’s holiday, 2 weeks quarantine. But as they both work from home anyway, they reckon it won’t be too noticeable. And maybe the regulations will be changed in the meantime: everything else seems to change with great rapidity.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 6 September

  1. 1.3 miles walk to connect via Kings Cross and Finsbury Park??!!!

    I will certainly claim disability next time and insist I’m helped over the barriers.
    It was bad enough at the Garden Centre the other day.
    I had to go round twice… in order to repass the fish tanks, to buy a £2.99 water thermometer, though an irate girl in the insecticide department finally agreed to cross the centre, leaving me seated in the oak garden furniture.


  2. Your navigation skills are very good! Were you ever in the Girl Guides? I bet you would have earned your map reading and orienteering badges.


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