Monday 7 September

Yay, happy day! My first actual Pilates class since March! 15 of us in the church hall, appropriately distanced, which we would be anyway, as we swing our arms around, so it all felt refreshingly normal. The teacher clearly prefers having a group of people who respond to her, and we benefit from watching each other, and best of all, having a chat at the end!

I collected Yannis from school today. At a very specific place at a very specific time, parents and carers all distanced. The children are not allowed to take anything into school except a water bottle. Their packed lunch has to be in a throwaway bag, no lunch boxes. And no backpacks for books or pencils. All writing equipment is provided in a zip up wallet with the child’s name on it and remains in school. No homework, as books cannot leave the school. I think personally that this is a shade exaggerated and is probably not the same in every school but when the Pilates teacher showed us the pages and pages of risk assessment and Covid19 regulations which she had to fulfil in order to be able to run the class, I suppose these are universal government guidelines.

Yannis’ father is a secondary school teacher, and he said the attendance is about 90% as some parents won’t send their children to school. This is a nightmare for the teachers as they have to do class teaching plus online teaching. One colleague has already walked out.

Perhaps the place to be in these continuing absurd times is Lanzarote, where daughter and partner are from today. 40 on the plane, no-one at the complex’s swimming pool. Lovely sunshine, bars are open. Beach not crowded. OK, 14 days quarantine when you return, but as they work from home anyway, not particularly difficult. No wonder that Travelzoo and Trailfinders keep sending me offers which it almost rude to refuse! Greece anyone?

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