Wednesday 9 September

Today’s announcement by the government that social gatherings are to be restricted to 6 people reminds me that we are not out of lockdown yet, and so I am justified in continuing with my lockdown blog. But of course I wish I wasn’t. I am increasingly irritated by the inflammatory language used. For “surge”, please understand “small increase”. And I am not sure that the whole country should be penalised because a whole load of uni freshers wish to party the night away. Instead of local lockdown, perhaps there should be age-related lockdown, and we’ll start with 18-25 year olds.

I am fortunate to be having a mini holiday beak, with Richard and family in Ringwood. We came here last year and it is a very pretty location on the edge of the New Forest. We had a walk by the Avon this afternoon.

The water is as clear as gin and twice as expensive (the anglers say.) The dog liked it too and managed to get the ball in the edge in order to have a roll around.

Adam liked throwing stones in too. He has an amazing talent for throwing a considerable distance. I think like his dad he may be a good fielder on the cricket pitch.

We walked along what is known as the Castleman Trailway, and it is clearly an old railway track. I looked it up later and it was part of the Southampton to Dorchester railway and this section went from Brockenhurst to Poole. It was designed for passengers when these towns were bigger than Bournemouth. It seems to have been promoted by an eccentric solicitor from Wimborne called Castleman, hence the name today. We saw quite a few cyclists, and had a chat with a lady who was on an electric bike, and she explained all its advantages and was very passionate about it. Tempting I have to say. Especially in this area where the cycle trails are so beautiful.

Evidence of the old railway bridge.

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