Thursday 10 September

Little Adam made sure that everyone was up early, but it was a sunny day and we planned to go to the seaside so no problem. We went to Mudeford quay and took a ferry over to a sandy beach on the Hengistbury peninsula. As we were on the first ferry of the day it was not too crowded. Some lovely beach huts there, and it is obviously the ideal place for a staycation.

The sea was warm, 18C, so three of us had a swim. Adam was very fascinated by the waves, and I jumped him over them and he shouted “again”, his favourite word at the moment. I built a sandcastle for him, and buried his feet, which he thought was very entertaining. Simple pleasures, which is what will see us through lockdown I guess.

We had a quiet afternoon and had a snooze in the garden. Isn’t that what holidays are for? I am very interested in Adam’s language development. He is beginning to put two words together: in the bath he said “bubbles gone”, He is very quick to copy individual words but making a consecutive utterance is the beginning of sophistication. Great fun.

I have been watching Michael Portillo in Sweden this evening and wondering if he will ever get the chance to make a similar programme, and if I will ever get to see some of the wonderful places he has visited. My planned Scottish holiday in October has just bitten the dust: a “girls” trip, daughter, sister, niece and me, but 4 different households, so not permitted. Next year’s calendar is beginning to look quite busy with all these postponements. Here’s hoping.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 10 September

  1. We went to Abisko, northern Sweden last summer. Every bit as beautiful as shown on the programme! One day, we went up in a cable car to look for flowers, and back at the cafe — getting warm! – we had a glimpse of Michael Portillo. That was obviously the time he talked to the students who were also looking for flowers.


    1. Hi Anne. so glad to hear that you are mingling with the great and good! The research they were doing there looked fascinating, and very painstaking. Portillo looked underdressed compared to the girl in the woolly hat and thick jacket!


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