Saturday 12 September

Apologies for late posting, I was too tired to write! And although each posting probably takes all of 3 minutes to read, I do in fact spend longer than that writing it. It’s become a part of my life in a way: certain things happen during the day, or I overhear something, which I try to squirrel away to include in the blog. Perhaps it’s become yet another memory drill to stave off dementia!

I have been thinking about the new rule of six to be introduced in England from Monday. It does apparently also include children so it is pretty limiting. But then every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. So some people will be heaving a sigh of relief, thinking, we do not have to invite Uncle Stan and Aunt Flo on Christmas Day, yippee. And the dreaded (in many cases) office Christmas party. No debate about where it should be held, or when: end of November because everywhere else is booked up? How to get home in a drunken stupor, what office romance has started? Nope, stay home and relax.

I took nephew Tim to Ealing, as we were on grandson and dog patrol for the afternoon and evening. We ran the legs off everyone in the park and then came back for some music-making. Tim is a guitarist and he wanted to show Adam his guitar, which proved to be a great hit. Adam clearly adores “Tin” as he calls him, and touching the guitar strings proved to be a tremendous fascination.

We sang some nursery rhymes and subsequently had a lot of “ee aye ee aye oh.”

As I took Adam up to bed, he repeated endlessly, night night Tin, night night titar. He struggles with the letter g at the moment, hence the novel pronunciation. It will no doubt now become part of the family vocabulary, as children’s words often do. It was quite late after driving back home, so hence late posting.

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