Tuesday 15 September

An unbelievably hot day and luckily Tim and I had arranged to go to Wisley RHS gardens with Barbara. As with all institutions since lockdown, the tickets are pre-booked and timed, but Wisley is so massive that there is never any danger of getting very close to anyone. What I love about these gardens is that at any time of the year there is always something wonderful to look at. Today it was autumn crocus, alstromeria, dahlias, the last roses, and always the special elements like the bonsai trees, the alpines, the glass house.

This was bonsai crab apple which looked like little cherries. At the other extreme were the huge squashes. We saw so many different varieties on the trial fields.

The herbaceous borders were still pretty good too. I was very taken by this brilliantly coloured cosmo.

The glass house has recently reopened and although not totally back to its former glory, as I suppose they were not too sure whether to expect any visitors this year, it is still an incredible experience. These leaves were positively 3D, the photo does not really do them justice.

This evening we had dinner in the garden here at home, and sat outside till 7.30pm. It is still incredibly warm. These are the kind of days to remember in the winter time, when you are indoors by 4pm and huddling round the wood burner, wondering if it’s time for a glass of wine yet.

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