Thursday 17 September

Tim and I are off on our travels again. Back to do useful things in the house refurbishment line in Northborough. But today it was brilliantly sunny, so we spent time in the garden. I picked apples and blackberries which we ate later. It is now noticeable that we are approaching the equinox. The days are drawing in and it cools down more rapidly. I had hoped for a possible final wild swim but it was too windy: it makes a great deal of difference, the water gets too choppy.

I have almost given up on all the regulations relaying to the pandemic. I am just going to keep my head down, and do the things I like to do and know I am still permitted to do. And as I can garden, paint, decorate, play the piano, read books, write letters, (and blogs!), and see my friends and family as long as we are no more than six, that will have to do for the moment. I can travel, I feel fairly confidently, around the UK. Going abroad would be more problematical but not impossible. Patience is a virtue, as my mother would have said. I think the main frustration is not being able to plan anything much. I read recently that people who do go on holiday have as much fun planning it, as actually going. I am scheduled to go on a walking holiday on the Isle of Wight in October, and I am enormously excited about this. I do so hope it happens as everything else on the calendar has been cancelled.

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