Friday 18 September

We started to dismantle everything in the bedroom: wardrobe, airing cupboard, then the floorboards. This is a root and branch operation.

Watch out for splinters! Underneath where the hot water tank is, we found a nest of screwed up paper and bits, maybe an old mouse nest.

This is a very old house: you can see here the reeds in the roof space. Elsewhere it is lath and plaster.

Little scraps of long forgotten labels. Odd coins, pens, hairclips. We took up the carpet, and underlay, the air was pretty dusty. And the bonfire heap now mountainous. But it was a great start to the refurbishment project. I needed a serious lie down in the sunshine after lunch.

Tonight’s news of another potential lockdown seems gloomy. But hey, another few more pages of the blog yet to come. Except I may have nothing to write about. At the timber merchant’s this afternoon we asked one of the guys how many people he thought had died of Covid yesterday in England. Oh, he said, about 5,000. I believe it was 27 in fact.

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