Sunday 20 September

Yesterday when we went out for a walk, I saw this beautiful rose:

The gardens seem to be having a final flourish, with dahlias and cosmos, all very pretty.

This morning we decided to tackle the Bramley apple tree. Even with a ladder, and Tim climbing the tree, there were some wonderful apples just out of reach. So necessity being the mother of invention, we decided to make an apple catcher.

Amazing what you can do with a sun hat, an old fishing net and some clothes pegs.

I have been stewing up apples and blackberries for a fruit compote to have with muesli for breakfast. Delicious.

The floorboard replacement has also been proceeding apace though we need to get more floor boards now. Also contemplating the bathroom, so tiles are being ripped off.

This evening Tim has been playing his guitar and singing some songs which he has recently learnt, and also one he has written. Everyone round here is very musical, and it is a great source of pleasure.

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