Monday 21 September

The autumn equinox. Although the evenings are still sunny and it is not dark till after 7.30pm, this somehow feels like a turning point in the year. This morning we went to Stamford to look for lighting, and paint. With only a degree of success it has to be said. But it is lovely to walk around Stamford, which is an old stone built market town, and today was remarkably busy. I had expected it to be very quiet.

We sat outside at a pavement cafe and had a coffee and watched the world go by for a little while. It all seemed refreshingly normal.

This afternoon was a trip to B and Q in Peterborough, on the same hunt as this morning. But early this evening Tim and I absconded for a little r and r, and went for a wild swim. I had thought I had had my final swim of the year, but the water was a tempting 20C so it had to be done. We saw a swan and a large cygnet, the water was glassy flat in the golden sunset, it was just lovely.

We came back and made pancakes on the BBQ, inspired by this morning’s cafe which was serving very tempting looking crepes. They disappeared very rapidly, which caused me to recall my mother’s comments about anything which was eaten quickly and with gusto: “like donkeys’ strawberries.” I am not sure if this is a well known phrase or saying but it seems pretty graphic.

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